STARLIGHT™ Projector

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Kids LOVE Starlight™

" My two girls and baby boy simply adore this! A sneaky tip I found is to set the timer for 20mins in the babies room after tea and he's asleep in minutes" 
- Lisa Adams

In-App Control 

Design your own cosmos with 16 million colour combinations straight from your smartphone! 

Smartlife App also Includes:

  • Timer for scheduling when to turn ON/OFF
  • Dim/Brightness control
  • Multiple aurora variations to suit any atmosphere


Customize your galaxy

With MusicSense™, watch the alluring light display react according to your favourite music and set yourself up for an out of this world experience!

Our Touch Controls give YOU power over the cosmos, turn on/off the stars, moon and nebula at your command.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I change the colour and brightness?

    A: Using the Smartlife app, you have 16 million colour options and a limitless dimming scale. You also have 6 cyclical and 3 static colour options on the projector itself if you prefer.

    Q: Is it safe for my eyesight?

    A: Yes! The STARLIGHT™ projector uses a class 2 laser which is proven to be safe even for babies eyes. Although, when in use we do not advocate to look directly at the physical projector for a prolonged time.

    Q: Do I need more than one projector?

    A: The STARLIGHT projector covers a distance of 15-20m² which is enough for a standard bedroom. If you wish to transform your living room or kitchen, it is recommended to get at least 2 to maximise the experience.

      100 Day Money-Back Guarantee

      We know shopping online can sometimes be a bit of a toss up, so we'll let you try STARLIGHT™ for 100 days completely risk-free.

      Backed by our 110% satisfaction guarantee, if at any time in the next 100 days you are not totally satisfied with your order, simply contact us at and our full-time support staff will get back to you within 24 hours.

      What's in the box:

      • STARLIGHT™ Projector
      • Micro USB Charging Cable
      • Instruction Manual (Refer to instruction manual for smartlife app set up)


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