1000X USB Microscope

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Discover The World From Another Angle

This little technological tool is super fun! This portable microscope allows you to experience the details of the world around you with your smartphone or tablet, or your laptop (not compatible with the iPhone).

Surprise your lovely children with this digital microscope, it will amuse them for hours!


EASY TO USE: Simply plug the USB to your Macbook, PC or smartphone and you can then view, snap photos, and record videos of it!

VERSATILEApplicable to be used for educational, medical purposes, textile inspection, skin/hair examinations, plant dissection, printing dissection, jewelry/coin inspection, electronic part inspection, and many more.

HIGH-RESOLUTION PICTURE, with the 1000x times magnifying from the original sizes with dynamic sensor and 8 super bright white LED's around the camera provide a good source of light for viewing and help product excellent imagery.


PORTABLE & LIGHT-WEIGHTED: It is light and small in size which means you can have it with you anywhere you want!


How Does It work?


  • Our software allows you to snap photos on-the-go while analyzing objects under the microscope, of which you can use the computer cursor or mobile tap to avoid disrupting your image.
  • The dynamic sensors keep steady and allowing you to get an in-depth 30 fps. It comes with a stabilizing stand to allows you to focus easily on the desired location of what you are analyzing.
  • The 1000x microscope has 8 LED lights in with a dimmer switch to adjust it to a brightness that suits your surrounding light and time of a day.
  • On the side, we have the 1 click Snap button which instantly snaps a photo and save to your computer and a one-click zoomed-in present all the way from 40x to 1000x.




Magnification Range: Up to 1000x

  • Cable Length:  1.5M
  • Cable Type: 3-in-1 Micro USB, Type-C, USB
  • LED Lights: 8
  • Pixels: 300 Hundred Thousand
  • Snapshot Format: JPEG
  • Video Format: MP4
  • Support System: Android 4.2 and above, Windows, Mac.